The Ohio Association of Teacher Educators

The Ohio Association of Teacher Educators (OATE) is a professional association open to all who work with the preparation of teachers in any environment —higher education, public and private P-12 schools, state departments of education, regional centers, etc. The focus of the organization is on the interdependence of the educational system.

The Ohio Association of Teacher Educators:

  • Represents all areas of teacher education and its administration throughout Ohio.
  • Offers opportunities for engaging in dialogue and collective action and issues concerning the profession.
  • Provides for involvement with professional colleagues committed to the improvement of all levels of education.

Focus Statement: The OATE promotes quality teacher education programs for initial preparation, induction, and continuing professional development. It also provides individual professional development opportunities for P-12 school, agency-based, and college/university teacher educators.

Our parent organization is the Association of Teacher Educators which serves the same purpose at the national and international level.

If you are interested in being involved in ATE, go to the Get Involved Page and look at alternatives. There are many and varied and OPEN to involvement.

The OATE is one of the two founding members of the Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education Organizations (OCTEO). The other organization is the Ohio Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, an organization of higher education institutions. OCTEO sponsors two conferences each year, fall and spring.

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