OATE Martha Alcock Outstanding Research/Scholarship

The Awards Committee of OATE would appreciate your nomination of an outstanding example of research or scholarship produced by an Ohio teacher educator. The quality of research and scholarship in teacher education in Ohio was greatly influenced by Martha Alcock and it is our intent to recognize her by honoring others who have worked to further our knowledge about the field. OATE presents this award(s) in anticipation that such recognition will stimulate research to: (1) further the development of teacher education; (2) disseminate related information; and (3) expand the knowledge base relative to teacher education.

The winner will receive a plaque and recognition at the Spring OCTEO awards dinner, and a free membership in OATE for next membership year.

The nominations must be submitted by a current OATE member(s). Nominations are limited to two from each institution. Please make sure that your nomination packets are complete before submitting, since several nominees have been disqualified due to incomplete materials.  

We hope you will assist us by reviewing the enclosed criteria and submitting at least one nomination in conjunction with a local administrator to be post-marked by February 15.

Submission of Papers 

  • Authors need not be active members of OATE. Applicant must include name, title, institution, mailing address (including summer address if different), phone, fax, and email. 
  • The topic of the research paper must be related to teacher education. 
  • Reports of research that have been published or accepted for publication in refereed journals within the last two years, are encouraged. Other research papers of comparable quality prepared within the last two years may also be submitted.
  • Entries must not exceed thirty (30) double-spaced, typewritten pages. Also include a copy on computer disk saved as Microsoft Word and text formats. 

Criteria for Evaluation 

All entries are evaluated by the Awards Committee representing the OATE Awards Committee. Each entry is evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Definition of the problem or question is stated clearly. 
  • Rationale for the investigation is persuasive. 
  • Research approach is adequate/appropriate for the problem and rationale. 
  • Conclusion(s) or interpretation(s) are grounded in the data. 

The Awards Committee thanks you for your nomination.  Questions?  Please contact Lindsay Vance at LVance@lourdes.edu.

Please submit all nomination materials to Lindsay Vance at LVance@lourdes.edu.  Please label file name(s) by nominee’s name and category. The deadline is June 16, 2023

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